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In collaboration with Open Care, FM Centre for Contemporary Art promotes a residency program for artists, curators, and scholars. The residencies, which take place within the complex, are included in a productive environment dedicated to the preservation, management and enhancement of artistic heritage. The aim is to promote the mobility of the artists and curators. The residency program is part of the circuit, a project managed by FARE.


June 2016: Alessandro Perini in residence

Alessandro Perini, winner of the first edition of the Imagonirmia Elena Mantoni Prize, created an artistic project in the southeastern outskirts of Milan, in Chiaravalle Milanese – amid rural and agricultural areas (the village, the disused railway track, the Cistercian Abbey, and the park Vettabbia). In his work, the artist explores sound as a bodily experience and its relationship between the human experience and the land. How they modify and effect each other.


May 2016: Andrea Romano at the Land Art Symposium

FARE chose the artist Andrea Romano for the artist's residency in Sokhna, Egypt to mark the first Land Art Symposium, organized by the Egyptian real estate company Tatweer Misr. The Symposium is the first of a series to be held twice a year for the next five years with the aim of creating a dialogue between the nature of the place and the works of art by young artists, promoting Monte Galala in Sokhna as a new cultural tourist destination.


March 2016: Eva Frapiccini to Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah

Within the context of an exchange of artists' residency exchange, Eva Frapiccini showed her project "Dreams' Time Capsule" in March 2016 at the Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah and at Sikka Art Fair in Dubai. "Dreams' Time Capsule" is a participatory and traveling installation where visitors are invited to record their dream in an inflatable pavilion, which looks similar to a time machine and which the artist carries with herself in a suitcase. The recordings are collected anonymously in a dream archive that includes more than 1,400 dreams: traces of a collective imagination through various continents and different types of society. At the conclusion of the recording process, the archive will be sealed and then reopened by the artist in ten years, when the dreams will be sent back to the dreamers.

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